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Antalya Patara Ancient City + Patara Beach Ticket

The Capital Of Lycian Union


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Patara Ancient City is the most important port of the Lycian Region. The port, which has a connection to the Mediterranean, was the capital of the Lycian Union. Patara, the capital city of Mediterranean trade, is the first place that comes to mind when Lycia is mentioned. In addition, Saint Nicholas, that is, Santa Claus was born in the ancient city of Patara. Patara Ancient City is located between Kaş district of Antalya and Fethiye district of Muğla. Getting to the city is very easy. After completing your visit to the Ancient City of Patara, you can enter the cool waters of Patara Beach and relax. Patara Beach, with a length of 12 km, is among the longest beaches in Turkey and is famous for its sand dunes. You can swim in the clean sea of Antalya on this magnificent beach. A part of the beach is the spawning ground of the giant Caretta Caretta Turtles. Maybe you can find the chance to see the ancient turtles after your visit to the Ancient City.


Patara Ancient City was in a very important position because it was a port city. The ancient city, which offers unique blessings to every nation that comes here and rules, now helps us to discover the past. Patara Ancient City will fascinate you with its magnificent structures and supernatural beach. You can visit both Patara Ancient City and Patara Beach with Tripass. Welcome to the world of privileges of Tripass.


The main structures you can visit in Patara Ancient City:

Tepecik Cemetery: The tombs on the right at the first entrance to the city show that Lycian history goes back much further. An ax belonging to the 2nd millennium BC and sherds belonging to the 10th century BC were found in the grave excavations.

Triumphal Arch (Arch of Mettius Modestus): It was built by Emperor Trajan to honor Mettius Modestus, who served here when the city was under Roman control in 100 BC. It is also a part of the Patara water system. This magnificent structure is now waiting for you to honor it.

Octagonal Pool: It was built in the 1st century BC and was used to impress the visitors to Patara City and to make the area look ornamental.

Harbor Bath (Persimmon Bath): Harbor Bath and Leto Date Bath are next to each other. This building, which was built in the 2nd century AD, has pools in three different options as hot, cold and warm.

Leto Date Palms: Leto Date Palms has a legendary story. It is known as the place where Leto gave birth to Apollo. The lake inside the palm grove is called Wheel Lake.

Basilica: It was built in the 6th century AD and is the only basilica of the Ancient City of Patara. It is the earliest and largest basilica of the Christian era. Near the basilica is the Bishop's Palace.

Patara Theatre: Lycia gave a theater to this magnificent city. There are 39 rows of seating in the theater. At the top of the benches is a temple thought to be dedicated to a God or an Emperor.

Lycian Union Assembly Building: It is the most valuable structure of the Patara Ancient City. It is located right in front of the theatre. In addition to being the administrative center and capital of the Lycian League, it is accepted as the place where Democracy spread to the world. You will be fascinated by the fascinating architecture and well-preserved nature of this place.

Abora-IV Ancient Ship Replica: To describe the ship model used in the past, Dr. It was designed by Dominique Görlitz. The ship was built in Varna, Bulgaria. It came from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean by sea and was then transported to the Ancient City of Patara by vehicles to be exhibited.

Main Street (Port Street): It is undoubtedly the best preserved street of the Lycian Region. The street is decorated with columns on both sides and porticoes supported by columns. You can think of yourself as the King of the Ancient City of Patara because of the magnificence of the street, the discounted ticket you bought from Tripass and the fact that you enter without waiting in line for the ticket.

Small Bath - Central Bath - Nero Bath: You can see three different bath structures. The most important of these is the Nero Bath, built by Emperor Nero. Although it was known as the Vespasian Bath for years, it was later understood that the name of Nero was erased and the name Vespasian was scraped.

Patara Lighthouse: Patara Lighthouse, which Piri Reis also marked on his map, had been under the sand for many years. Patara Lighthouse is the oldest known lighthouse of the ancient period. It was built by Emperor Nero. Patara Lighthouse preserves its beauty with all its parts, just as it was in ancient times.

Maslak: It is the structure that ensures the distribution of water throughout the city. It is the structure where water is collected and distributed to the whole city with the help of pipes.


By purchasing your Patara Ancient City + Patara Beach ticket, you will both go on a time travel in the ancient city and immerse yourself in the waters of the Mediterranean by enjoying Patara Beach. After your visit, it is inevitable to think that you are visiting the ancient city like an Emperor. Antalya Patara Ancient City + Patara Beach is a place of great interest. For this reason, there are ticket lines that take hours in front of them and there is a great loss of time. You can easily enter Antalya Patara Ancient City + Patara Beach by skipping the never ending ticket lines with Tripass. With Tripass, you can visit all the museums of Turkey by skipping the never ending ticket lines. Don't wait in line for tickets with Tripass. Get discounted tickets. Save time and money. You will feel special with Tripass. Because you are special. 

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