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Would you like to experience unforgettable moments in the First Capital of the Ottoman Empire with a Bursa day Trip? 
Bursa is located in the northwest of the Anatolian Peninsula, Turkey's fourth largest city in the outskirts of the Uludag. The city, has a transition position between Marmara and Aegean regions, is the gateway of Asia to the west on the historical Silk Road. Bursa has been a home to many civilizations throughout the history, is a settlement with unique textures with over 2000 cultural, historical and monumental structures.
During your trip, accompanied by a special tourist guide, you will have the chance to explore the valuable places closely and witness a very valuable part of the development of Turkish culture.

Places to Visit:
Green mosque: it was built 1424 and was a part of the Islamic culture in Bursa. You can also see there a school for teaching Quran, and the green graveyard which belongs to sultan Mehmet Shalabi and his sons.

Uludag mountain: The green mountain is 2543 meters height, and its always covered with white and green color in winter and summer. We use the cable car to go to the top of it. We are the only company which offers barbeque lunch.

Ulu Cami (Ulu Mosque):  Ulu Mosque (Ulu Cami) is one of the oldest mosques of the Turkish Islamic world, is the symbolic structure of Bursa built by Yildirim Bayezid in 1400. Among mosques, Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem and Damascus after Islam is known as the fifth authority in the religion.
Hanlar Region: In 1492 II. Being built on a wide area between Gazi Orhan Bey Mosque and Ulu Cami, which was built by Beyazıt, the Khanlar Region has been an important trade center for centuries thanks to its location and especially its textile development. Hanlar Region, which is located in the Old Town, has many historical buildings especially Koza Han. For many years, there are many shops that sell local products in the region that hosts blacksmiths, archers, and Hand Made Gifts.

Kozahan: Kozahan, which is located very near to the Ulu Mosque, is a building consisting of 40 stone domes. Kozahan, which has a total of 95 rooms on the top floor and 45 on the lower floor, was the most important address of the city where silkworm cocoons were sold at the time. On the upper floor with a door opening to the south, Orhan Mosque on the lower side and the doors opening to the north of the inn on the north side, the big stone gate opening to the north decorated with tiled tiles. Kozahan inner courtyard, which has a domed mosque with six fountains in its courtyard, nowadays serves as a café and tea garden.

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