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Derinkuyu Underground City Ticket


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Derinkuyu Underground City, just like Kaymaklı Underground City, has areas to accommodate a community and meet their needs. Kaymaklı Underground City and Underground City of Derinkuyu are connected to each other by a 10 kilometer tunnel. Derinkuyu Underground City has a depth of about 85 meters. Today, only 20% of Derinkuyu Underground City can be visited. 8 floors of the city are available for sightseeing. The city was opened to tourism in 1967. The underground city is almost larger than the above-ground settlement. There is also a mental hospital associated with the underground city.


In a war, the people immediately took shelter in the underground city thanks to the warnings of the sentries. There were private rooms for each family. The entrance of the enemy to the Underground City was prevented with traps and bolt stones. Derinkuyu Underground City is an engineering marvel. Derinkuyu Underground City has hosted many different civilizations including Hittites, Assyrians, Persians, Kingdom of Cappadocia, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire and Turks. Each nation has made new additions to the underground city as long as it has been in the region. That's why the city has been so developed and witnessed different engineering marvels. It is known that Christians and Muslims took refuge in the city to get rid of the Mongol invasions.


Ventilation is provided by 54-meter chimneys. There are also interesting water wells in the city. On the 1st floor there is the stable, the kitchen, the winery and the living rooms. On the 2nd floor, there are living rooms, food warehouses, a kitchen and a barn. On the 3rd floor, there is the Missionary School, which makes Derinkuyu Underground City different. There is also a cruciform church, confessional areas and a cemetery. There is a dungeon and bunkers on the 4th floor. The 5th floor is the heart of the city, a center that unites the city. There are 5 small rooms built on the tunnel on the 6th floor. The 7th floor is the largest area of ​​the city. On this floor, there is a cemetery, a water well that cannot be reached from the ground, a large meeting room and a church. On the 8th floor, there are rooms with a ventilation shaft. You will have descended 8 floors below the city, but this is not even half of the city yet. Many mysteries will be revealed with Tripass. It will provide unforgettable moments to our valued guests. Moreover, you will reach all these beauties without waiting in line for tickets and without wasting time. Your Derinkuyu Underground City discount ticket and much more is on Tripass.


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