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Hierapolis Ancient City and Pamukkale Travertines Ticket

Are you ready to visit Pamukkale Travertines (Thermal Pools) and Pamukkale Hierapolis Ancient City, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, with Tripass wonderland? With Tripass, you can visit the Hierapolis Pamukkale Archaeological Site and Pamukkale Travertines without waiting in line for tickets. Moreover, you don't need to be a member to buy a discounted ticket to the Hierapolis Pamukkale Archaeological Site. All you have to do is to buy the discounted ticket for the Hierapolis Pamukkale Archaeological Site and scan the QR code sent to your phone at the box office. In this way, you can skip the never ending ticket lines and enter the Hierapolis Pamukkale Archaeological Site. After visiting the Hierapolis Ancient City, you can watch the unique view of Pamukkale Travertines. You can enter these Thermal Pools to find healing and beauty. With the Hierapolis Ancient City and Pamukkale Thermal Pools Ticket, you can enter the Hierapolis Museum free of charge. With Tripass, you can visit all the museums of Turkey by skipping the never ending ticket lines. Don't wait in line for tickets with Tripass. Get discounted tickets. Save time and money. You will feel special with Tripass wonderland. Because you are special.

Pamukkale Travertines (Thermal Pools)

Pamukkale is one of the 29 places in the world that can be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List with its cultural and natural beauties. Pamukkale Travertines, which were formed by thermal waters in the Big Menderes Basin due to earthquakes experienced 400 thousand years ago, distribute healing and beauty. It is famous for its beautiful Cleopatra Antique Pools and healing thermal waters. Millions of people come here every year to find healing for their diseases and to preserve their beauty. According to the studies on this subject, the water of the Antique Pool is very good for atherosclerosis, heart disease, rheumatism, blood pressure, skin, eye, rickets, paralysis, nerve and vascular diseases, and for spasm stomachs when drunk. It has also been proven to be good for skin roughness and acne. There are 17 thermal pools in the region with temperatures varying between 33-35 °C. Pamukkale has been flooded with people who want to find beauty, healing and health for years since ancient times. With its comforting warm thermal waters and snow white appearance, this place will make you fall in love with it. It welcomes between 2 and 3 million visitors every year. That's why there are very long ticket lines in front of it. Enter Pamukkale Ancient City and Pamukkale Travertines by skipping the never ending ticket lines and don't waste your time. Your discount ticket to Pamukkale Hierapolis Ancient City is on Tripass.


Pamukkale Hierapolis Ancient City (Pamukkale Hierapolis Archeological Site)

Hierapolis means Holy City. This city from the Phrygian period is one of the centers of the cult of the mother goddess Cybele. It is known that it was named after Hiera, the queen of the Amazons, during the Pergamon Kingdom. Many structures in the ancient city have survived to the present day.

Cleopatra Antique Pools: Cleopatra shares her beauty with you. You can add beauty to your beauty by swimming in these pools. You can get rid of scars, roughness and acne on your skin.

Hierapolis Antique Theater (Roman Theatre): Its construction took 150 years. It is thought that the building was used both as a theater and an arena. Many artistic reliefs were used in the theatre.

Necropolises: There are many mass grave sites in the ancient city. There are ornate and impressive tombs belonging to distinguished families, in the north and south.

Temple of Apollo: It is the temple built in the name of Apollo, the patron god of the city, under the influence of Hellenism. There are also prophecies determined for the future of Hieropolis in the temple.

St. Philippus Martrium: St. Philippus, one of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ, who came to the city to promote Christianity, was crucified in the city. Later, when Christianity became the official religion, a martyrdom was made in the name of St. Philippus. Today, many churches celebrate the feast of St. Philippus.

Baths: Hieropolis attached great importance to cleanliness. They had a bath built at the entrances and exits of the city. In this way, the passengers who stopped by the city would enter the city after being cleaned.

There are also Cathedral, Plutonium, water channels and Nympheums, Gymnasium, Triton fountain building, South Byzantine Gate, North Byzantine Gate, Agora, Frontius Street, Agora, Ion Column Headed House, latrina and walls in the city. Pamukkale Hierapolis Ancient City and Pamukkale Travertines with its magnificent Thermal Pools are waiting for you. Visit these magnificent structures with a single ticket with Tripass. Don't wait in line for tickets. Save money and time.

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