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Ihlara Valley Cappadocia – Aksaray Ticket


Ihlara Valley fascinating natural beauty, healing waters and magnificent structures will take you on a journey back in time in the 4th century. With Tripass, you can shop directly without being a member and enter Ihlara Valley Cappadocia - Aksaray without waiting in line for tickets. Skip the never ending ticket lines with Tripass. All you have to do is to buy the ticket for the Ihlara Valley Cappadocia - Aksaray ticket and scan the QR code sent to your phone at the box office. Save time and money.


After taking the hot air balloon tour in Cappadocia with Tripass, you can visit all the museums of Nevsehir. Afterwards, you should definitely stop by the Ihlara Valley to complete your journey. Ihlara Valley, also known as Peristremma, is located in Aksaray Güzelyurt. Ihlara Valley was formed as a result of lava erupting from Mount of Hasan volcano and erosion of Melendiz River. Melendiz Stream was also called "Potamus Kapadukus" which means Cappadocia River in ancient times. Ihlara Valley with its natural vegetation, churches and chapels in the Valley; will offer you the fascinating beauty of the blend of nature, culture and art. Ihlara Valley has a length of 14 kilometers and a depth of 120 meters. There are more than 4,000 houses and churches carved into the rocks as living places in the valley. Hundreds of hidden cave churches are equipped with excellent frescoes. Some houses and churches are connected to each other by underground tunnels. Unlike other canyons, Ihlara Valley has the title of the world's largest canyon in which people live. You will be fascinated by the beauty and tranquility of the houses, churches and monasteries built by the first Christians by carving the tuffs in the valley.


Ihlara Valley, one of the important centers of the Christian religion, raised sect founders such as Basilus from Kayseri and Gregorius from Nazianzos. Some churches in the region are similar to Cappadocia churches in terms of decoration and construction. However, Byzantine type wall painting decorations can be seen in the churches located near Belisırma. Cappadocia type churches: Agacalti Church (Daniel Pantanassa), Sumbullu Church, Yılanlı Church, Kokar Church, Purenliseki Church, Egritas Church these churches are similar to the churches in Cappadocia in terms of construction and decoration.

  Byzantine Churches near Belisirma: Direkli Church, St. Georges (Kirkdamalti - H. Georgios) Church, Karagedik Church, Ala Church, Bezirhane Church, Bahattin Hayloft Church, Batkin Church (Acikel Aga Church) these churches were built during the Byzantine period. You can visit all of these churches with TriPass. Moreover, you can start touring the Ihlara Valley without waiting in line for tickets and without wasting time. You can take a break in the sitting areas on the Melendiz Stream in Ihlara Valley, listen to the sound of the river, and be enchanted by the natural beauty and history. You can also benefit from the healing waters of Ziga Hot Spring (Ziga Thermal Springs), located at the beginning of the valley.


You can watch the magnificent view of Goreme and the Fairy Chimneys with a magnificent hot air balloon tour in Nevsehir Goreme with Tripass. Afterwards, you can continue to discover the unique beauties of Nevsehir with Tripass. With Tripass, you can visit all the museums of Turkey and Nevsehir by skipping the never ending ticket lines. Nevsehir Goreme Archeological Site, Dark Church (Goreme), Nevsehir Zelve - Pasabaglar Archeological Site, Kaymaklı Underground City,  Derinkuyu Underground City, Ozkonak Underground City, Ihlara Valley Cappadocia - Aksaray for your discounted ticket, You can check the “museums” section of the site. 

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