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Welcome to Nevsehir Goreme Open Air Museum, also known as Nevsehir Goreme Archeological Site, Cappadocia's information and teaching center, one of the most special places where monastic life has been maintained for centuries. Every rock block in the region was carved into a living space and various worship centers were built. UNESCO added Nevsehir Goreme Open Air Museum to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985. A.D. In the 4th century, the Bishop of Kayseri, St. Basileus, came to the region and began to spread his teachings. In this way, monastic life dominated Goreme Valley until the 13th century. Inspired by St. Basileus, thousands of people devoted themselves to education and carved everything they learned on the rocks. With Tripass, you will enter this historical place without waiting in line and with a discount, and you will solve the mystery of history.


There are many monastic churches and chapels in the region. The decorations of each building differ according to the period. This valley offers you the chance to study Christianity from time to time. You will see with your own eyes how people's ideas develop, how art rises and how ideas are adopted. You can visit 11 dining halls and 9 different churches in this Sacred Valley. 18 churches were closed to tour due to the danger of collapse.


St. Basileus Chapel 

It is the church at the entrance of Göreme Archeological Site. It is not known to whom the graves at the entrance of the church belonged. St. Basil's Chapel is from the 11th century and contains 3 large Maltese Crosses. There are also depictions of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, St Theodore, St George and St Demetrius.


Nuns' Monastery

The monastery has 7 floors. Connections between the monastery floors are provided by tunnels. Bolt stones were used to close the mouth of the connected tunnels in case of danger and to prevent the entrance. Buy your discounted ticket from Tripass to see this miraculous structure without waiting in line for tickets.


Monastery of the Monks (Monastery of Girls and Boys)

This 4-storey monastery succumbed to the power of nature and was closed to visitors on 3 floors due to erosions. However, the ground floor is accessible.


St. Barbara Chapel (Apple Rock Church)

This chapel is dedicated to Barbara because of her father, who was killed and was considered a Martyr because his father was a Christian. There is only one portrait of Jesus Christ in the chapel and no other human portraits.


Elmalı Church (Apple Church)

The church resembles a cross and has 9 domes. This church, where Christianity and Judaism are treated together, and where there are many scenes from the Bible and the Torah, is very special in terms of architecture. Entrance to the church is provided through tunnels. While visiting this magnificent structure, your religious feelings will increase a lot.


Snake Church

Its architecture is unfinished because a Sainte or Saint died during its construction. The construction was not continued due to the thought that it would bring bad luck. The reason why it is called Snake is that a green dragon fighting with St. George is compared to a snake. He became famous for his depictions of Saint Onuphrus, a monk in the Egyptian deserts.


St. Catherine's Chapel

It contains 11 tombs. When Saint Catherine, who saw Jesus Christ in her dream, woke up, she found his Ring on her finger. Saint Catherine is an Egyptian monk. Anna had this chapel built out of respect for him.


Dark Church

It got this name because very little light enters the church. Since the light did not enter, all the paintings and pictures inside the church have survived to the present day without any damage. When you see these masterfully made paintings, you will feel like you are in a 3D museum. This church is known as the pearl of Cappadocia and is very valuable. In addition to your Nevsehir Goreme Archaelogical Site ticket, you need to buy a separate ticket for Dark Church. Your Dark Church discount ticket is on Tripass. Don't forget to buy your ticket to enter the Dark Church without waiting in line. To get your Dark Church discount ticket, you can browse the "museums" section of the site.


Carikli Church

You will be amazed by this church, which has covered the turning points of the life of Jesus Christ. The church got its name from the picture of the sandaled feet of Jesus Christ as he ascended to the sky. It contains many descriptions from the Torah and the New Testament. The last supper of Jesus Christ is also depicted.


Tokalı Church (Buckled Church)

It is the largest and oldest rock church in the region. Different moments from the life of Jesus Christ are depicted. It was called the Tokalı Church because the large sphere in the apse section of the church resembles a buckle. The pictures in the Tokalı Church, which include the murder of Hazrat Zechariah, the meeting of John the Baptist and Jesus, and the ascension of Jesus to the sky, are works of art.


Nevsehir Goreme Open Air Museum (Nevsehir Goreme Archeological Site) is a place of great interest. For this reason, there are ticket lines that take hours in front of them and there is a great loss of time. You can easily enter Nevsehir Goreme Open Air Museum by skipping the never ending ticket lines with Tripass. With Tripass, you can visit all the museums of Turkey by skipping the never ending ticket lines. Don't wait in line for tickets with Tripass. Get discounted tickets. Save time and money.

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