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You can watch the magnificent view of Goreme and the Fairy Chimneys with a magnificent balloon tour in Nevsehir Goreme with Tripass. But if you want to see the Fairy Chimneys closer and even go inside, you should definitely visit Nevsehir Zelve-Pasabagları Archeological Site. With Tripass, you can shop directly without being a member and enter Nevsehir Zelve-Pasabagları Archeological Site without waiting in line for tickets. Skip the never ending ticket lines with Tripass. All you have to do is to buy the ticket for the Nevsehir Zelve-Pasabaglar Archeological Site ticket and scan the QR code sent to your phone at the box office. Save time and money.


Nevsehir Zelve Archeological Site-Pasabagları Open Air Museum is the location where Fairy Chimneys are most dense. You can enjoy the perfect view and take unforgettable photos in Zelve Valley and Pasabaglar Valley. Since the region is in high demand, ticket lines are very long. But Tripass will save you from this trouble. Buy your Nevsehir Zelve-Pasabagları Archeological Site ticket and enter directly inside without waiting in line for tickets.


Nevsehir Zelve Archeological Site-Pasabagları Open Air Museum, also known as Pasabag Priests Valley Between A.D. 800 and 1200, it was a settlement and an important religious center for Christians. It is known as the place where the first religious education was given to the priests. You can see monasteries, churches and structures carved by human power in the region. There is a hermitage cell and chapel built for St. Simeon in the region.


Balıklı Church (Fish Church) got this name because of the fish motifs on its walls. It is also decorated with many different motifs and crosses. The church contains many reliefs, mosaics and motifs. 


Uzumlu Church (Grape Church) - Saint Theodoros Trion Church, also known as Saint Nichitas Church, is a monastery church. It was called the Üzümlü Church because of the grape motifs around the cross on its ceiling. There is also a picture of the 12 Apostles on the ceiling. Spring Rite is held in Uzumlu Church (Grape Church) and Fener Greek Patriarch Bartemelos attends the ceremony.


Geyikli Church-Avanos (Deer Church) got its name from the deer motifs in it. There are large and impressive cross motifs on the ceiling of the church.


There are large cross motifs in the Holy Cross Church. There are also some tombs inside the church. At the entrance, there is an inscription that has succumbed to time and is difficult to understand.


Other places you can see during your visit to Nevsehir Zelve Archeological Site - Pasabagları Open Air Museum: Besides the settlements, you can visit the Fairy Chimneys, Monasteries, the tunnel opening to two valleys, the Churches, the Column Church, the glass building and the mosque. 


Get ready to go on a journey in the history of religion with Nevsehir Zelve Archeological Site - Pasabagları Open Air Museum. With Tripass, you can visit all the museums of Turkey by skipping the never ending ticket lines. Don't wait in line for tickets with Tripass. Save time and money.

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