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Ozkonak Underground City Ticket

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Ozkonak Underground City is 14 km from Avanos. It is thought to have been built around 400 BC. The available tuff structure was used to create the underground city. Although it was used to protect from weather conditions at the beginning, it was later used as a shelter to protect from wars. The first Christians settled around Özkonak to get rid of the intense Arab raids and the pressure of the Byzantines who took over the region. Under the leadership of St. Basil, they carved the rocks and established a city of their own. The Greek philosopher Strabo, known as the world's first geographer, mentions the ruins of ancient temples in Avanos, which are referred to as hills in his book. The name of the place he mentions in his book is Zeus.

Ozkonak Underground City was established in apartment layout and has 4 floors. The floors are connected to each other by tunnels. The bolt stones shaped outside the building were then inserted and used for defense purposes. 4 big halls are divided into 10 small rooms. The purpose of each room is different. Apart from this, 8 wells, 3 ventilations, 4 graves, wine tanks, water tanks and columned rooms were found. The distance between the entrance and exit of the city is 10 kilometers. Özkonak Underground City has secrets that cannot be solved with today's technology. The holes that provide communication and ventilation are carved between 5-8 cm and are too small to be seen with the naked eye. This is a mystery that could be equated with the air-containing system of the Egyptian pyramids. Many mysteries will be revealed with Tripass. It will provide unforgettable moments to our valued guests. Moreover, you will reach all these beauties without waiting in line for tickets and without wasting time. Your Ozkonak Underground City discount ticket and much more is on Tripass.

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